Thursday, March 13, 2014

Maude Dexter Introduces Our New Category...Maude Dexter Weddings!

Is there any other moment more beautiful in a woman's life after she hears "I love you" from the one she loves as the words "Will you marry me"? With those words comes the placement on the finger of the engagement ring...and then comes the planning of the wedding and the reception. Many women want very large weddings, and many want small and intimate. The wedding is about you, and you have to have the wedding that you feel most signifies you and the love you share with your fiance.

Weddings used to be all about the ceremony, which to Maude Dexter is still the most important and symbolic, but often now the engaged couple are more enthused about planning the reception, rather than their union in the ceremony. Did you know that the true wedding tradition did not include a sit down dinner? Instead, the reception was the guests being invited to share in the cake after the ceremony. Popular media has made that tradition pretty much vanish over the years, and has replaced it with lavish expensive dinners for each guest, expensive champagne or an open bar and live music. All of that planning can sometimes make the bride to be feel overwhelmed because it overshadows the main purpose of all of the guests coming together, the Wedding.

Maude Dexter Weddings is all about romance and love....amore. We hope to bring some inspiration to your wedding and wedding reception, and to provide a wealth of information on how to put together the wedding that you envision.