Saturday, September 3, 2011

Welcome to Maude Dexter Romantic Home Decor

Hi Everyone!

We want to Thank You for joining us here. We have a beautiful website featuring our own line of romantic home decor items that we design and create exclusively in our Maude Dexter home studio.

Maude Dexter was our great grandmother, and she was the first granddaughter of N.G.B. Dexter, who founded Dexter Yarn Company in Pawtucket, RI in 1820. Dexter Yarn Company was the largest producer of knitting/crochet/embroidery cottons, and between 1917-1920 produced the most feminine and romantic crochet patterns available, which you can also purchase from our Maude Dexter website in the form of our republished editions.

Grandma Maude though born into a life of priviledge, lived a very hard life. Her husband, our great grandfather, Duncan A. Cattanach, was a graduate of Brown University with a degree in business. He contracted tuberculosis, and relocated grandma Maude and their 4 children to Pueblo, CO for the air quality. He was a sheriff, and agent for Pueblo Union Depot. After filling in for a friend on the night of April 20, 1912, one of the foggiest nights in Pueblo, CO history, he was brutally murdered while walking home from work. He was taken to St. Mary's hospital. Because the night was so foggy, our grandma Maude and their children could not find their way to the hospital before Grandpa Duncan passed away.

After our great grandfather's murder, their daughter, Donalina, was tragically killed, and within 3 years of our grandfather's death, grandma Maude developed breast cancer and passed away. Another 3 years later, their son Donald and his wife Bessie were both killed in the Hagenbeck-Wallace circus train disaster in 1918.

Our tribute to our grandma Maude is our beautiful website, and by designing and creating beautiful home decor accents that resemble a bygone era when everything was full of romance and roses.

Please be sure to join us here on our blog, and we would appreciate you shopping with us on our website as well.

Our website also features Grandma Maude's special Christmas recipes that are free for you to use


  1. Hi Amy and Sandy, just dropped by to follow your blog and welcome you to Shabby Cottage Shops as a new member in Beautiful Cottage Boutiques! We are thrilled to have you as a new member of our family and great online shopping mall. What a story about your family, thank you for sharing.

    Have a fabulous day!

  2. Welcome, Amy and Sandra, to Shabby Cottage Shops. I am also new to the Beautiful Cottage Boutiques......just joined a few weeks ago. Thought I would drop by and say "hi."

    Blessings to you,
    Ginger Simpson
    Miss Magpie's Shoppe

  3. Hi Ladies, Welcome to Shabby Cottage Shops. Your blog is beautiful and the story behind your tribute is amazing.
    Such history to inspire and honor.
    Thank you for sharing your family story and best wishes for much success with your website and lots of fun as an SCS member.

    So glad to have you.
    Blessings always,
    Celestina Marie
    Celestina Marie Designs/La Rea Rose

  4. Thank You to other beautiful fellow shop owners and Shabby Cottage shops! You all are wonderful, and we want to THANK YOU for your kind and heartfelt welcome! :) Amy and Sandra, Maude Dexter

  5. My Grandfather had a sister Bessie killed in train accident of 1918. What was her maiden name? My grandfather was Robert Boyer.